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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Story telling through photos.

Authentic. Emotional. Candid. Natural. All words used to describe the style of photography that Andy aims to produce. A set of images that, when combined, tells a story of love between two people. Each image adds something a little extra, like another word in a never ending tale.

The idea is, that many years from now, when you're browsing through the photos captured on this amazing day. It evokes an emotional response. Bringing all those magical moments flooding back as if they happened yesterday. Every time should be like a stroll down memory lane.

What is documentary photography?

Have you ever heard the old adage - a picture paints a thousand wrds? Well, that's what the aim of documentary photography is. To show the story of a particular event or person through a photo.

I try to capture the emotions involved on your big day. The laughing, the crying, the loving glances from one family member to another. Throw in "Uncle Fred's" really bad dancing when he's had a few too many, then you've got quite the collection of images that will hopefully bring those emotions flooding back every time you look at them.

What I love about this style of photography, is the raw authenticity that comes from it. No posing. No manipulation. Just the real, emotional reactions from those involved.

So let me be a part of your special day. It's your job to write your story, allow me to capture it!

What if I prefer colour photos to b&w photos?

I have always been drawn to the beauty of a black & white image. With no distractions, I find the authenticity is amplified, leaving only the emotion. However, I understand most couples like to have a bit of colour in their photos, especially when having a beautiful summer wedding. So I edit all photos in both colour and black & white. The best of both worlds.

"Andy creates magic. He was always in the right place at the right time without us knowing and captured the most special moments of our wedding; the end result are photos we will treasure forever."

—Martyn & Amy


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What equipment will you bring on the day?

I try to be a minimalist when it comes to my equipment.

I will normally bring two cameras, one being my favoured Fujifilm X-pro3 with a 23mm f1.4. You won't see me without this camera and lens partnership all day. I will also be carrying a second camera body with a 50mm f1.0 which I will take out my kit bag during certain moments of the day.

That's about it! I try and avoid using a flash and utilise the natural light around me. If you have any questions about the way I shoot please drop me a message or we can discuss it in a consultation.

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I have a limited number of spaces available each year so get in touch to secure your date. You will usually receive a response within 48hrs and we can organise either a meeting in person (if you're local) or a video chat.